Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.

Augmented and Virtual Reality is the next big move in the world of technology. A market size that is exponentially expanding and has the potential to evolve processes the way they were never before.

At least once in a lifetime, we hear someone saying don’t use your mobile phone too much, you will get addicted. Well, my parents always say the same and a was as reluctant as any of us. But are we really addicted?

The younger generation might not have, but we used to say the same thing about Television, and maybe a generation before was told the same about theaters as well.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.
Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.

Actually this human tendency to get addicted is very old. Human being always wants some break for this world and dwell into his imaginary world.

It may be in the form of stories, music or any other art form but it was always there. Actually, this is not as bad as we are told about because the opposite of boredom has much awful effect on the human brain.

Our brain needs work, real or imaginary. What happens in an imaginary world is we can test different flavors of life in the same life.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality

For thousands of years, stories were the best method to escape boredom, we created heaven, even the hell in our stories which entertain educate and perish our societies for thousands of years now.

All our mythology, all our preaching’s have come to us through generation with the help of stories only. Music, painting is in no way less important as it stimuli’s our brain to that imaginary world.

Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.
Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.

The last few centuries, with the upsurge of technology, also impact our mode of entertainment starting with radios, television, prints, movies and now our favorite OTT platforms.

Have you ever noticed a crucial link between all these modes? They all in accending order have increased our immersion in the world they present?

We all know humans have 5 senses (we are not talking about 6th sense in this article) sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Along with this the sense of balance compromise all that we collect from the external world.

Application Of AR VR Technology

When we were told stories only the sense of hearing get the immersion rest all are still collecting the real-world information. Now suppose we are watching a movie.

The sense of sight, hearing and providing us a much better immersion. And not to forget the game zone machine, a chair simulating real-world jerks and orientation to sink with the visuals and the audios.

Well, these are approaching towards, a much immersive experience which then can be used for entertainment, gaming, and meetings and also for teaching.

Application Of AR VR Technology.
Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality.

Yes, we are talking about Augmented and Virtual reality.

The most promising technology that is set to hit the market in the coming 4 to 5 years is a head-mounted display. Some of you have seen these bulky headsets and will definitely argue that they are very uncomfortable. To them, just check the latest Hololens launched by Microsoft.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, HTC all have poured a pile of dollar investment in this upcoming hardware. From teaching to businesses, from entertainment to gaming everything will see a complete evolution in the coming decade.

Are you excited about this technology?? Please tell us in the comments.

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