Benefits Of Science and Technology.

Benefits Of Science And Technology

Benefits of Science and Technology.

The human being is much curious to predict the future but what we knew from history is that future is always more amazing than our imagination. Henry Ford, the founder of Ford, one of the world’s leading car manufacturers once said, ’if you ask people what they want, they will ask for faster horses’, And this is true for every imagination we ever had.

We hear stories where horses can fly; an archer can aim thousands of arrows at once, a supernatural being that commands your wish, but they never talk about spacecraft, the missiles, or a robot for our assistance.

Advantages Of Science and Technology.
Benefits of Science and Technology.

The progress of science and technology happened at such a large pace that the Smartphone we use today is more powerful than the combined computational power of US forces in the First World War. All these are benefits of science and technology.

Let’s go much deeper into the past, do you love ice cream?? So many flavors, so many variations. Do you know it was a royal dish a few centuries ago? Only the royals have access to such dishes.

Now even a common man can afford the luxuries which once even noble didn’t have. This is the power of science and technology.

Advantage of Science and Technology

Today we can just make rounds of the earth in hours, we can control the temperature around us, we can choose our working hour(thanks to artificial lighting).

Even we can talk to anyone anywhere in the world, was it possible just a few centuries ago?? There are so many endeavors that have been transformed.
The medicines, the presence of medication, and surgical processes have made life much more certain.

The treatment of disease which was assumed to be fatal earlier, even the cancer is now treatable. A human can even join the completely cut off part of the body, all attribute to the benefits of science and technology.

Science Made Things Possible.
Benefits of Science and Technology.

Every time you take a history book you will realize how science and technology have transformed not only our standard of living but also the business processes as well.

Today we have several profession which was not even imagined before. Today we entertain ourselves at home with TV or the internet and several of us are getting our livelihood. Again all credit goes to the advancement or advantage of science and technology.

What is Actual Meaning Of Science?

While Science and technology have penetrated deep into our culture, but do we know what it actually means??

We live in a world with many superstitions that have a stronger grip on religion. So what is the difference between belief and science?

Well if something can be understood in a logical order with data supporting it and is repeatable in the same condition every time, we call it a scientific hypothesis. 

To some it might sound tough, for them, we have a simple explanation. Richard Feynman once gave a beautiful explanation. Benefits of science and technology.

Advantages Of Science and Technology.
Benefits of Science and Technology.

Imagine you don’t know how to play chess and two-player are playing in front of you. I am sure you will be clueless. But you decided to wait and watch the game closely.

Possibly now you know something, you now know some rules maybe the primitive one. Now you are more interested and further watch it closely.

You will find something more with time progress. But will you be sure about you to know everything about the game, and what the player is thinking with a particular move? The answer is no.

With absolute certainty knowing everything is if not impossible, is very difficult. Well, chess is just a game with 32 soldiers and 64 blocks.

The universe we live in has a lot more players, a lot more particle. And to know them whole we need a hopefully not an infinite observer.

What we can do depending on the observation can guess certain rules and validates it with more data.

What Is Technology?

The technology is to use these laws and making using them to make something workable.

While this sounds very easy but this is a very critical task to deal with. Let’s talk about the base of all the technology, the electricity. Benefits of science and technology.

Reading the books provide us a much simpler picture which tells us about ohm’s law, the Kirchhoff law, and some diagrams, and many other benefits of science and technology but it never started that way.

What is technology.
Benefits of Science and Technology.

The friction of certain material a property that makes them attract each other, which makes us to the observation of electric charge. That is one of the most important benefits of science and technology.

Now knowing all the material and their property and choosing the right material to be used for a certain task can be more cumbersome than you imagined.

Knowing the electromagnetism is a science, but using it to produce motors is a sheer piece of engineering and technology. Benefits of science and technology.

Pros and Cons Of Science and Technology

Science on one front provides the logical description of the nature of things around us, while the technology builds the worth fully using that logic.

Science and technology like everything else is also a two-way sword. With endless benefits, it is also the host too many modern problems that never existed before. Benefits of science and technology.

The invention of dynamite has taken much more lives in the past century than all the diseases together. With the nuclear race heating up in the world, it is creating a situation that itself is dangerous to the world.

Advantages Of Science and Technology.
Benefits of Science and Technology.

The air pollution, the water pollution, the damage to the flora and fauna, the ever-increasing waste of plastic. The ozone layer depletion, the debris in the sky, the increasing number of endangered species. The invention of chemical and biological weapons there are numerous of that. All are the effect of using science and technology in a selfish way. The sustainability and prosperity of nature and humans lie in the prudent and rightful use of science and technology.

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