Development Of Communication.

Development Of Communication

Development Of Communication.

Do you know about the one prominent skill that made human to rule the mother Earth? We all know our ancestors live in the forest; we were also wild as any other animal on earth and certainly not the strongest, not fastest. But still human-made it possible to tame the most powerful creatures on earth.

Power With Communication.
Development Of Communication.

How we made it possible, how a much weaker human was able to get the control of lions. Lions that are believed to be on the top of the food chain have no access to humans anymore. While some credit this to the invention of fire, which indeed was very essential in the security. But the more decisive one was the ability to communicate with each other.

Development Of Communication

Communication made it possible for a human to live in groups, to plan for hunts, to call when needed, to beware of each other to danger. All this happens because of one vital tool the language. Over the entire history, communication has been one of the prime reasons for the growth and decline of great kingdoms and civilizations. Kings use to send their ambassador to the distant kingdom.

Development Of Communication.
Development Of Communication.

Historians have found sculptures with writing on stones even back to date 3500 BC where pictorial symbols were used to symbolize and provide information. From Greece, Egypt, China, India all the old civilizations have these remnants that speak about the glory of writing and communicating things. However, long-distance communication was always a problem for even many thousand years to come.

Communication From Ancient To Modern Times

Do you like movies, remember the song “kabutar ja ja ja” where the female protagonist sends her love letter in the unavailability of other resources with the help of a pigeon. Well, it was a sort official medium of sending information for many centuries where the pigeon was trained to do so (the first flight postal service).

Development Of Communication.
Development Of Communication.

Well, not only the pigeon human were also used to transfer information, something that we call today postal system. Historians as always are of different views on where the first postal service started, while the west credits itself and the east endorse its much older civilization to account for this in around 500 BC. Wherever it has started, the postal service was still far from the reach of the common man.

Exchange Of Information

Did you notice as we are talking about sending receiving text but where were they written? While the oldest proves available says for it started on rocks, with a swift transition to palms. But still, they were quite inconvenient for transportation. Chi lung in china send a proposal to the emperor about a new type of material that has many advantages over writing on rock, wood or any palm, what he invented was what we call paper, It soon reaches rest of the world and made the exchange of information much easier than before.

However, during warfare where a fast and unmanned system of communication is very important. Sending ambassador or paper was not much effective. Many innovative but simple techniques were used at that time such as hosting a black color flag to spread the information of attack, using drums, using color smoke to send different signals during man to man combat. Many of which you must have seen in period dramas and warfare based movies. This is the part of ancient advancement in communication systems.

Evolution Of Journalism

Things drastically changed over the past few centuries and lead to the development of present systems. At the starting of the 16th-century new idea born in Germany. To provide authentic information to the population idea of providing news in written form by newspaper propel which gave birth to a new profession known as journalism. Well, we are not going to get into a topic as vast as it.

Evolution Of journalism.
Development Of Communication.

But with the advent of newspapers, information spread reached the commoner. The thirst of humans to keep finding a better and fast mode of communication was soon going to witness a leap ahead. As the security of borders was gaining more and more prominence, the need for new and fast information transfer was a challenge. Semaphore soon became very popular for sending and receiving signals, where signal devices were installed at height like hilltop called the telegraph hills which are visible from distances and binoculars were used to see the signal, this in a way was instant signaling but limited by distance and weather conditions. These are the predecessor of what most of us today knew as a telegraph.

Communication Through Electric Signals

The 16th and the 17th century also witnessed the revolutions and great inventions in electricity, the success of Volta in produce battery for getting current in a controlled environment and the technique to develop electromagnet ( i.e creating a magnetic property in wounded wires) provided some tools to researchers to think about its possible application in communication. While so many highly sensitive and expensive ways of making the electric telegraph were noted, but the most popular, because of its simple design and easy applicability was developed by Samuel F.B. Morse.

He invented the simple electric signal based telegraph which just transforms the way communication industry works. With the widespread application of telegraph in trade and commerce, money started flowing into the research and development of novel scientific methods. Today we are witnessing the information age where information is available at the fingertip everyone. The journey to this point was never easy and the knowledge has been accumulated throughout generations.

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