Story Of Magnet.

History Of Magnetism

History Of Magnetism

How the concept of magnetism evolved? Who discovered it and how it is working in our life? Let us understand all these things in detail.
Remember the scene in the movie Swadesh. When our hero manages to get electricity to a poor village. If you ever see zee news you must know how the USA President can destroy half of the world in one click, or that viral (fake) Diwali picture taken from NASA.
Story Of Magnetism.
History Of Magnetism.
Well, all this has one thing common, electricity. The power that in just 200 years has revolutionized almost everything. We even can’t be imaging life without electricity. But from where it comes from, from where it all started. Let’s go through the History Of Magnetism for all these questions.

History Of Magnetism

There is a story, some 2500 years ago. Somewhere in Greece, a shepherd Magnes found something mysterious rock was attracting his crook (an iron stick) towards itself. At first, as the human tendency is it seems mystical, something divine or dark,
Lots of theories were imagined to explain this invisible force like Thales attributed a  life force to the magnet, and it everything it has sympathy with (quite awkward). There were beliefs like garlic and onion kill the piousness of magnet hence make them powerless, and to get that power back one need to anointing (using some holy liquid) preferably blood of a goat to restore its power.
We always like to listen to supernatural stories and mystical reasons behind the unknown. This was the state of knowledge available for years.
Discovery Of Magnet.
History Of Magnetism.
It was something in the 4th century when the directive properties of the magnet were observed by the Chinese. And some compass sort of thing with north and south the directions e.t.c were made. It opens up the prospect for humans to navigate through and tracking their way. But the source of this power was still thought mystical either from heaven or celestial pole.
However, the magnetic compass was already in use quite extensively by travelers, traders, and army men in china, Europe and Arabs. This was the history of magnetism before the advent of any scientific temper, just some theories, and so many myths.
In my next post, Magnetic Compass Needle, we will see how this mystical material turns to be a gateway to a lot more discoveries for the future.

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