Invention Of Electric Battery.

Invention Of Electric Battery

Invention Of Electric Battery.

Have you heard about tesla, the one who promised to replace the oil-based automobile with the electric one? Hopefully, in the coming years, we are definitely going to witness this transition. But why it took too long, after all, we are using electricity for our household, farms, and factories with much heavier equipment so long.

Well, the problem ever lied in the storage device, which we call the battery system. Today we are using a Li-ion battery which has far more capacity than its predecessors.

Storage Of Electricity.
Invention Of Electric Battery.

Ever wonder how this battery store electricity, who came up with this idea of storing electricity. Well, when we look back things were not as straight forward as they look today. All through the 16th century all we knew about electricity was the charge accumulation be mean of friction, heat or conduction. But nothing similar to what battery are today were known.

Invention Of Electric Battery

As we always see most game-changing scientific discovery happens by accident. The same happened to be the case. A professor of anatomy Luigi Galvani was performing his routine demonstration to his student by dissecting a frog.

On the table near the frog, an electric machine was placed, his wife observed contraction in the frog’s leg muscle. Whenever a metal piece is in contact with the muscle.

Story Of Batteries.
Invention Of Electric Battery.

Well, there were many explanations to describe this phenomenon from individuals but this makes scientists think about the use of metal to generate electricity. Alessandro Volta performed thousands of experiments with different metals and solutions and come up with a volta pile.

Alessandro Volta Invention

In Volta Pile, a stack was made of copper then salt solution then zinc disc and repeating with copper again when the wires from final terminals are brought closer spark is produced.

This, in essence, was the first battery that used chemical energy to create electricity. Today we have come miles forward with our battery storage devising.

With the growing knowledge in nanotechnology, It is now possible to harvest the electric moment inside the atoms and the molecules, to achieve high-efficiency batteries for the future. The methods and approach to sustainable technology, with minimal damage to the environment, is the next aim for science.

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