Invention Of Magnetic Compass.

Magnetic Compass Needle

Magnetic Compass Needle.

You must have known or read about the magnetic compass needle. But how it was invented and how the magnetic compass riddle solved? Let us read about it in detail.

In Venice somewhere around in the twelfth century, a traveler Marco Polo started his journey through silk route towards the east visited China, India, and Burma. After spending 17 years in China, he finally came back to his motherland. But he brought something with him which was completely new to the western world.

Use Of Magnetic Compass.
Magnetic Compass Needle.

A small device that tells the directions. It was a time when exploring new lands, knowing about the new world was more than just passion to the humans, this was a very useful gadget.

Magnetic Compass Needle

Well, this small gadget by the 12th century had a history of 700 years by then in china. Chinese from the time of the Yung dynasty use this small piece of loadstone to find their way in the fog has much greater potential still to be explored. Soon this magnetic compass became an inevitable part of sea travel. This helps them to track themselves in the limitless sea and mapping the position also became plausible.

History Of Navigation.
Magnetic Compass Needle.

As more and more travelers, traders, armies start using this they also find some variations. Columbus found there is some variation of compass north to the true north. The same was observed by a British navigator Sebastian Cabot. While some other people found that there is also a dip in the compass, which is different in different places.

There were piles of facts, but no one knows the very simple question. How??
A problem where we have a working device, lots of data and a lot more misconception. How did they move forward? How this riddle was solved, for that wait for my next post.

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  2. You only told Marco Polo brought magnetic compass from Chaina, you have to tell how it was discovered and scientific principle behind magnetic compass, like how it is showing directions because of north and south Pole etc etc.Then only people will take interest and like story.

    1. Yes, I will cover that too in my coming posts. Thanks for giving it a read and suggestion.

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