Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News

Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

Over the past few days news has boomed in the scientific world. Something that has given hope to the shrinking economy to fight what right now seems to be a very long battle to this modern-day pandemic Covid-19.

Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.
Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

We all are Fighting Coronavirus Together. This is an attack more devastating than the most brutal battles in human history, Something that has left the entire scientific community clueless at least for some time.

However this pandemic has shown our ever-rising ability to fight with such an outbreak, the genetic code has been decoded as early as on 15 January 2020, fastest for any virus in human history.

Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News

Right now more than 80 different vaccine trails are going on as listed on the WHO website. But the time requires testing and trailing the vaccine’s safety and efficacy requires is a lot more. That has extended our wait of vaccine by mid of next year. But the recent news in the market suggests our possible vaccine as early as September. But how is this possible?

Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.
Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.

Well before that let’s try to understand what a virus is, and how the vaccine works. In reality, we are almost from ever living in proximity to these microorganisms.

They are numerous, and we cannot stop them from mutating themselves or changing their structures. An extreme case of complete vandalization of the native American population can be attributed to viruses only.

Edward Jenner Experiment For Vaccination

From east of the Roman Empire(present-day Iraq) to the ancient Greeks all have documented epidemics that were thought to be a divine curse. However, rational reasoning and empirical approach suggested enough data to show once a population that has been hit with an epidemic, the remaining population that survives is immune to that virus.
A systematic study was done by Edward Jenner is a landmark experiment that shows a way to fight with such curses.

Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.
Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.

At his time smallpox was a big concern and a widely spread and deadly disease. However, the women who milk the cow were much less affected by smallpox disease, they were known for their beauty as they don’t have any mark on the face which are leftover of smallpox. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

He found a correlation between much mild infection cowpox and the deadly one smallpox, women who milk cow sometimes have some lesion on hands, which were mild and automatically settles down after sometimes, but never caught smallpox in life.

First Immunization

To obtain clarity he takes some fluid from the blister of cowpox lesion. He inserts it into a kid soon he develops some mild lesion on his arm. But when he was exposed to the smallpox virus, no symptom appeared and the boy became immune to smallpox. This way proved to be a game-changer and followed by many of its contemporary and successors.
This age-old method has been well investigated now and used to treat many deadly viruses.

So in simple terms, the role of the vaccine is to message the immune system about the possible enemy that it has to fight. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

As well as providing all the essential information so that when the virus attack, the body knows how to fight back.

Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.
Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.

In 1955 the first polio vaccine was developed it was a dead poliovirus injected in the body, which prepared the body against the live one. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.
Let’s take the example of a poliovirus. The first vaccine was made in 1955 when a deadly virus was successfully injected. That made the body immune to polio once for all. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

Over the years many different ways are developed to vaccinate individuals. The polio vaccine now uses a live virus but a much weaker form of itself, in scientific terminology called attenuated.

Phases Of Vaccination Trail

Some new methods have come up over the year. That is safer such as engineering or mimicking the protein structure of deadly virus on a carrier which is less or no harm to the body.

As rightly said a virus is a bad news wrapped in protein. So if we can signal the body about the virus in any of the above ways, the body or our immune system prepares itself.

But why after knowing the genetic code, the protein structure, it takes so long to get the vaccine. The vaccine trial is a 3 phase process. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

Vaccine Trail.
Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.

In phase one the result is checked as weather the vaccine is working or not. The second phase is about human safety.

This is very important as a vaccine that is possibly be provided to 730 billion population has to be harmless. And the third stage is for the efficacy of the vaccine. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

Fight Pandemic With Vaccination

Now let’s look at the vaccine at oxford’s Jenner institute (on the name of the same Edward Jenner).

This institute is using a vaccine that has been proved safe on humans in previous trails. And first-round has shown a positive result.

So we are now directly on the third phase of testing. If the vaccine is available by next September, hopefully, the whole world will win this fight earlier than we all imagined. Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

Fighting Pandemic.
Vaccine For COVID 19 latest news.

In the hope, this vaccine works the Jenner lab has already collaborated with 12 big pharma companies, including Serum Institute in India (world’s biggest pharma manufacturers).

SII already have started the production of vaccines hoping to get approval by September. So that by then they have 4 crore vaccines available.

Vaccine For COVID 19 Latest News.

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